Are you planning a trip to Universal Studios in Los Angeles? To Enter, You Must Bring Vaccination Cards and Masks.


Universal Studios Los Angeles is requiring people to be vaccinated and bring their proof of vaccinations via cards, as well as a face mask for admissions inside its theme parks in the country. Yes, this mandate is for the company’s theme park location in LA only, as the restrictions of the county apply to both the public and private establishments.

Universal Studios LA: Vaccine Cards and Face Masks

The Universal Studios LA management has announced today that it would be opening its doors to visitors, provided that they adhere to certain health protocols and guidelines which they require. The theme park is compelled to follow the instructions of the county, especially as it aims to have a safe but enjoyable time in their visit to the park.

The requirements include either a full vaccine proof of guests from 12 and above, or a negative COVID-19 test that was made within 72 hours before the day of the visit or when presenting it to personnel. Other than that guests would have to be denied or rejected by the theme park and its admittance to its facilities.

Moreover, the park requires its guests to wear face masks all the time, and it would apply to both the indoor and outdoor settings of its facilities, amenities, restaurants, rides, and more. This is to ensure a safe and worry-free experience for the guests and staff of the Universal Studios in LA.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health does not want an outbreak or another rise in cases, hence these strict health measures.

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Other Universal Studios

According to Gizmodo, Universal Studios in Florida has no vaccine card and mask mandates, and that is because Governor Ron DeSantis decided to give private establishments the decision for this. It only means that it would be under the jurisdiction of the parks, businesses, or institutions on what health protocols they would enact.

Is it Safe to Go to Theme Parks Now?

People who are already vaccinated would have more chances to fight against the virus and its variants, but it is not a guaranteed safeguard against it. These immunization shots may help, but it is not an absolute layer of protection, as each shot varies, and a person’s health and immunity are different from one another.

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