Apple Watch Saves Life… Once Again! A woman claims that her Apple Watch saved her life after it detected a heart condition.


Apple Watch Saves Life… Once Again! A woman claims that her Apple Watch saved her life after it detected a heart rate problem.

After Apple Watch twice alerted her of her low heart rate, revealing a serious heart condition, a woman from Missouri thanked the device for saving her life.

A possible heart attack is averted thanks to the Apple Watch.

Patti Sohn, a healthy 68-year-old woman from Oakville, Missouri, follows a healthy diet and exercises routine.

She’s been closing her activity rings with her Apple Watch, which her son gave her this year.

She had no idea the wearable was monitoring her heart rate when she was alerted a few months ago.

“My watch buzzed my wrist and read something like your heart rate has been below 43 for the last 10 minutes,” Sohn told NBC affiliate KSDK.

Sohn took her pulse by hand and then double-checked the results on a blood pressure monitor.

Her heart rate is between 39 and 40 bpm.

The woman was taken to Missouri Baptist Medical Center, where she was admitted to the advanced cardiac care unit and placed on a 24-hour watch.

“I was on round-the-clock monitoring, and around 4 a.m., my heart converted back to what’s known as normal sinus rhythm, or a normal heart rate,” she said.

She was eventually released, but after a week, she began receiving Apple Watch alerts again, this time for her low heart rate.

“It was late at night.”

“I wasn’t doing anything strenuous when my Apple Watch buzzed my wrist again and told me I’d been below 40 for the last 10 minutes,” Sohn explained.

Sohn has a second-degree atrioventricular block (also known as a second-degree heart block) after being admitted to the hospital.

Her heart condition will necessitate the use of a pacemaker, which is a small device implanted in her chest that helps control her heartbeat.

Sohn continues to live a healthy lifestyle after being fitted with the device.

When she goes for three-to-four mile walks, she still wears her Apple Watch to track her exercise ring.

Sohn told KSDK that she is grateful to both Apple Watch and the doctors who diagnosed and treated her heart condition for alerting her.

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Is it possible to detect heart problems with the Apple Watch?

The Heart Rate application and a heart rate sensor power the Apple Watch.

As a result, by tracking a user’s heart rate and alerting them, is capable of sending heart health notifications.

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