Anti-vaxxer Covid refuses to give cosmetic treatments to anyone who has been vaccinated.


Anti-vaxxer Covid refuses to give cosmetic treatments to anyone who has been vaccinated.

CORONAVIRUS has created a schism between those who have been vaccinated and those who have chosen to remain unvaccinated. Sarah McCutcheon, a beauty therapist, goes a step further and refuses to treat clients who have had the injection.

On her company Instagram page, the anti-vaxxer from Glasgow made an eye-opening statement: “We will not treat anyone who has had a COVID-19 jab.” Sarah McCutcheon gave an explanation for her decision. Sarah explained, “Many of my devoted, long-term clients take a really natural path.” “I also want to make sure that they are safe in the place where they come to unwind.”

“[We] will not conduct massages or treatments on any vaccinated people…,” said the proprietor of Wellness and Wellbeing with Sarah.

Sorry, but I’m not sorry.”

“At this point in time, there is no long-term data to secure us,” Sarah continued.

“There are too many associated ailments – these are experimental vaccines that have caused many injuries!” remarked the beauty therapist.

People should “respect our personal choices,” Sarah asks.

Sarah was contacted by The Daily Record for further comment, but she did not respond.

On behalf of the industry, the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) spoke out.

The NHBF stated, “We highly advise all hair and beauty professionals to follow official government recommendations and rules.”

This aims to “lower the risk of coronavirus infection to clients, employees, and their friends and family.”

Meanwhile, Public Health England (PHE) research has shown that the Covid vaccines are successful in preventing hospitalization and mortality.

The Pfizer vaccination is 96 percent effective in preventing hospitalization due to the Covid delta form, which is the most common strain in the UK.

Furthermore, the AstraZeneca vaccination is 92% effective in preventing hospitalization.

According to research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are linked to:

Side effects are possible with any vaccine, but not everyone experiences them.

The NHS stated, “Most side effects are minimal and should not persist longer than a week.”

Among the most common complaints are:

“One or two days after your vaccination, you may experience a high temperature, feel hot, or shiver,” the NHS stated.

According to the Government data, more than 45 million people in the UK have already received their first Covid vaccine.

The number of persons who have received their second vaccination is approaching 35 million.

The vaccination program’s success. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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