Anne Hegarty’s weight loss on The Chase: How The Governess Lost a Stone


Anne Hegarty’s weight loss on The Chase: How The Governess Lost a Stone

WEIGHT LOSS is a difficult fit for many people who want to emulate the success of particular superstars. Anne Hegarty of The Chase is one of those who has lost weight.

Since joining The Chase, Anne has amazed with her weight loss. Anne, also known as the Governess, instills fear in the hearts of The Chase contestants.

When she went on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, she won hearts all around the country.

Celebrities are put through a grueling struggle while living in an encampment in Australia on the show.

Many contestants lose weight on the show because they have to win food and are otherwise on a low-calorie diet.

Anne was no exception as she participated in the 2015 event.

During the experiment, Anne lost a stone, which was not insignificant.

While crash dieting is not recommended, Anne did intend to maintain her weight loss after the event.

She noted, however, that she is well and hence is not in a hurry to lose weight.

“The fact is, my health is fine,” she told Jeremy Vine in 2019.

“I had to get a lot of tests done before I went into the jungle, and they all came back saying, ‘Your blood sugar is totally acceptable, and your blood pressure is, if anything, lower than it should be.’

‘After an hour of staring at scans of your heart, we’ve determined that you don’t have any obstructed arteries.’

“I’m not a fit obese person, and while I’d like to be, I’m not unhealthy.”

The Beast is another Chaser who has shed a significant amount of weight.

Mark Labett’s weight loss achievement has wowed his followers, and he just shared even more photos of himself looking trim.

Mark has lost a total of ten stone.

“I gradually reduced X’s off my size, 5XL to 4XL, and it seems like the next time I go shopping, I’ll be able to squeeze into XL pants,” he told Kaye Adams, Stacey Solomon, and Linda Robson on Loose Women.

“It’s the little things that matter.

“I was 29 stone in my last year as a full-time teacher in 2003, and I was on the point of needing high blood pressure pills; I’d been mostly around 25 or 26 up until maybe just before the lockdown, and then a few things happened pretty well and came together, and the weight just fell off.

“I’m on a high-protein diet with the nice people at Muscle Food,” says Brinkwire.


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