Amy Dowden, a Strictly pro, talks about her health and how dancing has been a ‘battle’ for her.


Amy Dowden, a Strictly pro, discusses her health and how dancing has been a “battle” for her.

AMY DOWDEN fears that her illness will one day rob her of everything she has worked so hard for.

What is the celebrity’s ailment, and how can you tell if it’s serious?

Amy Dowden, the Strictly Come Dancing star with the most impressive moves and natural talent, has enthralled the audience the most.

The starlet appears to be in good health as she glides across the dance floor, but she actually has a condition that has had a significant impact on her life.

In the BBC documentary Strictly Amy: Crohn’s And Me, the actress opened up about her struggles.

“Strictly has been more than a dance show to me,” she said in the documentary. “It got me through the darkest times of my illness.”

“It was a major source of motivation for me to continue dancing.”

“Dancing has helped me get through my Crohn’s disease, but it’s still a battle.”

“I live in constant fear of losing what I cherish the most.

And this year has been the most difficult for me in a long time.”

The following are the main symptoms of Crohn’s disease, according to the NHS:

When people experience “flares,” their symptoms become even worse.

After that, there is a “remission” period during which the symptoms are less noticeable.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a difficult diagnosis to make, and some people may self-diagnose their digestive problems as IBS.

However, if you have persistent and frequent diarrhoea, stomach cramps, aches, or are losing weight for no apparent reason, you should see your GP.

According to NHS Inform, at least 115,000 people in the United Kingdom suffer from the disease.

It affects people of all ages, including children, with the majority of cases occurring between 16 and 30 years of age.

“Accepting my condition now has helped,” Amy, who is only 31 years old, said.

I can just be myself when we’re talking about it and filming the documentary.

I’m not required to keep anything hidden.”

Her Strictly family has also aided her.

“They’re all so understanding, and there are so many people I can talk to.”

That has been extremely beneficial to me on my journey.”

“It’s a different world for the public watching me with all of our make-up, fake tan, glitz, glamour, and spotlights,” Amy admitted.

I don’t believe they ever imagined it could be me.

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