Aldi introduces new £1.50 food products to compete with McDonald’s – but you must act quickly.


Aldi introduces new £1.50 food products to compete with McDonald’s – but you must act quickly.

ALDI has rolled out a new McDonald’s-inspired burger across the United Kingdom. The snack is expected to compete with Big Mac burgers from McDonald’s.

Aldi has lately developed lines inspired by fast food restaurants such as Nando’s, KFC, and McDonald’s. It has now expanded its menu of favorite takeout foods.

Aldi is recognized for having a wide variety of excellent “fakeaway” foods that can be purchased for a reasonable price.

It has introduced a new item to its successful portfolio of products inspired by McDonald’s favorites.

The shop will debut the new Tasty Burger Sauce Melt, which will be available beginning July 1st.

It has been released as part of an improvement of Aldi’s premium burgers, The Best Ever Burger, which is inspired by McDonald’s iconic Big Mac sauce.

Aldi’s Best Ever burgers, which are created with chuck, brisket, dry aged beef, and a hint of bone marrow, are topped with the melt sauce.

The Best Ever Burger with Tasty Burger Sauce Melt will be sold in a pack of two for £2.99, or about £1.50 each.

This week, shoppers will be able to get their hands on the treat, but they must act quickly.

It will be available as part of the supermarket’s Specialbuys, but only while supplies last.

Other items inspired by the fast food behemoth have since been added to the supermarket’s menu.

The goods have been released to compete with McDonald’s and cost up to 47% less.

12 Chicken Nuggets with Dip boxes, £1.69, are part of Aldi’s current offering.

The fresh nuggets come in a McDonald’s-style cardboard box with a zesty Sweet Chilli sauce and a BBQ sauce.

There are also 10 Breakfast Hash Browns and a Snacksters Big Stack Burger in the lineup.

Aldi’s burger, which costs £1.49, is likewise based on McDonald’s popular burger line.

After customers likened Aldi’s 75p fish burger to McDonald’s Filet o’Fish, the items were released.

Shoppers have been raving about the products since they were released earlier this year in the comments section of Aldi’s Instagram page.

“I tried these and they are amazing,” one person wrote.

“These look insane, and if the fish burger is any indication, they’re going to taste really good,” said another.

A third simply stated, “I enjoyed it.”

One person said of the new launch, “I can’t wait to test these!”


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