Aldi has relaunched its takeaway-style pizza selection, with pricing starting at 99p and comparing to Domino’s.


Aldi has relaunched its takeaway-style pizza selection, with pricing starting at 99p and comparing to Domino’s.

Customers may now choose from a wider choice of takeaway-style pizza alternatives at ALDI. The Carlos range’s inexpensive pizzas, sides, and dip have been compared to Domino’s by fans.

Fakeaway meals have grown in popularity in recent years, with people duplicating their favorite takeaway meals from the comfort of their own homes. Just in time for summer, discount grocer Aldi has expanded its Carlos line.

More flavors have been added to the Carlos collection, which includes pizzas, sides, dip, and a delectable pudding option.

Cheese Feast, Double Pepperoni, and Meat Feast have all been introduced to Aldi’s menu.

The pizzas are allegedly 84 percent less expensive than the Domino’s counterpart, according to the bargain store.

Carlos Takeaway Stuffed Crust Double Pepperoni Pizza is covered with smokey pepperoni, small pepperoni bits, and mozzarella cheese and costs £3.29.

The mozzarella, pepperoni, meatballs, and ham on the Fully Loaded Meat Feast Pizza.

The pizzas are currently available for pick-up in the store.

A creamy cheesy loaded crust tops Aldi’s scrumptious cheese feast pizza with double pepperoni.

All three of the new pizzas come in takeout-style boxes.

In addition, there’s a garlic pizza bread, a zesty garlic and herb dip, and chewy and gooey chocolate chip cookies in the collection.

According to Aldi, the cookies, which cost £1.49 for four, are created with Belgian dark chocolate bits and are best served warm with ice cream.

The mozzarella, acidic tomato, and punchy garlic are piled on the 99p garlic bread.

Fans flocked to social media to express their enthusiasm for the collection, praising the low costs.

“I personally thought it tasted precisely like Domino’s,” one individual said.

“Best dip I’ve eaten in ages!” wrote another. I’ll have to get some more.”

“Tasty pizzas at reasonable rates, what more could you want for?” said a third.

“So identical to Domino’s, save your pennies,” commented a fourth.

According to the bargain grocer, the complete takeaway selection costs just £12.84 for the entire menu, compared to nearly £55 for Domino’s.

BBQ Meat Feast is induced by other pizzas from Carlos’ menu.

“I have to admit…,” one fan wrote on the Aldi Shoppers Facebook page.

I like the Domino’s Meteor, but this is essentially the same and costs £14 less. I’m definitely going to stock up for treat nights.”

The bargain store has also lately announced the return of some of its most popular items. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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