Ahead of the Euros finals, Deliveroo has launched reduced match day food bundles.


Ahead of the Euros finals, Deliveroo has launched reduced match day food bundles.

Match day food and drink bundles from supermarkets have been lowered by DELIVEROO ahead of the Euros finals this weekend. Discover what’s on sale right now, delivered in as little as 20 minutes.

Are you excited to watch England compete in the Euros finals this weekend? Customers can get discounts on match day food bundles from Deliveroo.

Prepare for the finals this weekend by checking out Deliveroo’s latest offers.

Customers can get customized match day packages for a discounted price from Deliveroo.

There are lots of bundles to fit any taste, including beer, pizza, and burgers.

Find out what’s available here.

Wear England’s official football kit to help them bring home the trophy in this year’s Euros.

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When you order from Deliveroo, you may have match day supplies in as little as 20 minutes.

Customers can enjoy four drinks and four burgers for for £3.50 when they buy a special super saver bundle from Co-op.

This is a fantastic deal to enjoy with friends and family at any football viewing party.

Find your local Co-op and get the bundle here, which is available on Deliveroo.

On Deliveroo, One Stop offers exclusive package discounts.

For just £10, customers can buy the ultimate Match Day bundle, which includes a scrumptious pizza, a share bag of crisps, and a multipack of beverages.

Customers who order pizza and two sides through Deliveroo may enjoy the Half Time Hunger combo for for £7.

Deliveroo can help you find your local One Stop and place an order right now.

While you’re watching the Euros, go to Morrisons and grab two beer packs for just £16. Shop the sale now for eight, ten, and twelve packs of Budweiser, Carlsberg, and more!

Deliveroo customers can now get discounts at Aldi, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s.

Aldi is offering discounts on a variety of foods, beverages, and ice creams, including Pepperoni Takeout Pizza, Mars Celebration, and more. To find your nearest Aldi, click here.

A pizza and beer bundle is also available for £5.25 at Waitrose – shop here.

Sainsbury’s is offering match day goodies, with drinks and snacks starting at £1.40 and going higher – discover your nearest one here.

Customers can also get a special discount from Deliveroo that they can use to buy meals from restaurants.

When users enter the code ‘DELIVEROOYOURVINDALOO,’ they can save £7.50 on their entire order.

The minimum purchase amount is £15.

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