Ahead of the Euros final, James Martin presents a recipe for a famous Italian meal with a “twist.”


Ahead of the Euros final, James Martin presents a recipe for a famous Italian meal with a “twist.”

Every Saturday morning, JAMES MARTIN appears on ITV to share his cooking tips and tricks with fans. Today, the chef demonstrated how to make a classic Italian meal using English ingredients.

With England taking on Italy in the Euro 2020 final tomorrow, July 11, it seemed only natural that James Martin prepare an Italian dish on his morning show. However, in keeping with the English spirit, the Yorkshireman prepared the lunch with local ingredients.

The first dish James prepared in front of the cameras today was an iconic Italian dish, but he indicated that he would give it a “twist.”

“I’m going to put a Yorkshire spin on a classic Italian ragu,” he explained.

First and foremost, James put some pasta in a skillet with hot water and “plenty” of salt.

He went on to explain how to create ragu and what ingredients you’ll need.

Celery, leek, carrots, onion, and garlic were among the veggies used by James to prepare the dish.

Tomatoes, chile, tomato purée, bay leaves, basil, and two types of meat were among the other ingredients.

Today, James chose minced beef and sausages, which he described as “easy” to make a ragu with.

The vegetables were then cut and pureed in a blender by James.

Three garlic cloves were blended with the rest of the vegetables by the chef.

James stated, “We’re going to combine that nice and quickly.”

“It saves you a lot of time.”

James then placed the pureed vegetables into a pan with olive oil.

A “few of tablespoons” of tomato purée was then added to the pan by James.

James explained, “Get it in the pan and start cooking it.”

He then added bay leaves to the pan and stirred everything together with a wooden spoon.

The chef then added a splash of red wine and a pinch of cayenne pepper to the concoction.

Making the dish is “very simple,” according to James, although it takes time to prepare.

The meat was then put to the pan, with the sausages being chopped first.

The mixture was then topped with tomato sauce from a can.

On the stove, James continued to sauté all of the ingredients, stirring everything together with a wooden spoon.

The stew should be cooked for a “few of hours” before serving, according to the chef.

That’s what James went on to say. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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