After the father quit eating bread, the couple was told they would never be able to have a baby boy.


After the father quit eating bread, the couple was told they would never be able to have a baby boy.

A COUPLE who had been together for over 20 years and were told they would never be able to have a child have given birth after the father gave up bread to enhance his health.

Doctors warned Stephen and Rachel Greenwood that they would never be able to have children together, and that IVF would not work owing to their medical issues. Rachel, 41, was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian condition not long after meeting Stephen, 55, in 2000, who had an abnormally low sperm count due to a twisted testicle as a youth.

Stephen had stopped eating bread and pastries for 10 months to fight his diabetes, and the pair had given up hope of ever becoming kids.

His diabetes had left him with yeast infections, which could have further lowered his fertility, but after eliminating all yeast items from his diet, the infections vanished totally in just two weeks.

When Rachel was brought to the hospital with kidney stones in February 2021, physicians discovered she was 21 weeks pregnant.

The only change in their lifestyles had been Stephen’s decision to stop consuming any yeast-containing goods, and there’s a good likelihood this is what caused Rachel to become pregnant.

Thrush and other yeast infections are more common in patients with diabetes because elevated blood sugar levels promote yeast growth.

Male fertility can be harmed by penile yeast infections, which cause sperm to become weak, fragmented, and less viable, lowering the chances of becoming pregnant.

The ecstatic couple welcomed their son Oliver, weighing 5lb 5oz, through planned C-section on July 1 after a 21-year wait.

“It still hasn’t completely hit on some days,” Rachel told WalesOnline. I’m still in wonder of this baby, thinking to myself, oh my good may, he’s mine. I don’t have to return him; he’s staying with me! He’s a miracle baby for us.”

Stephen, a proud husband, remarked, “It’s just the most fantastic feeling.” It’s incredible to think that I’m retired from the police force and can now spend every day at home with my baby boy.

“I want to get it out there and urge others not to lose up hope because it is such a fantastic miracle. Everyone is unique, our bodies evolve, and you.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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