After holidays as hospitals flood, LA’s covid crisis will continue to rise


Mayor says one individual now contracts coronavirus every six seconds as vaccine news makes individuals careless

In the Los Angeles area, the covid tragedy has further driven the health care system to the brink, with officials warning that the rise of the holidays and New Year’s Eve festivities in the coming weeks will further worsen the crisis.

New covid infections in LA County have accelerated at by far the fastest rate since the pandemic started. Over the weekend, officials revealed that covid was contracted by more than 800,000 people in the county in 2020, with half of those cases occurring in December.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti noted Sunday that every six seconds, one person contracts Covid and every 10 minutes one death occurs.

Speaking on CBS ‘”Face the Nation,” Garcetti said the pandemic in his town is getting worse as the virus spreads rapidly across households and with news of the arrival of the vaccinations, people become reckless. “This is a virus that takes advantage of our weakness, takes advantage of our exhaustion,” he said.

In LA County, more than 7,500 individuals have been admitted, and Southern California hospitals continue to lack room for the intensive care unit (ICU). Hospitals are so overwhelmed that some ambulances are now waiting to discharge patients for up to eight hours. In order to help them deal with diminishing oxygen supplies, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is also sending staff to some LA hospitals.

And lately, if they have almost no hope of survival, health authorities have started instructing emergency crews not to move patients to the hospital.

In workplaces throughout the country, including big-box shops, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, fire departments, movie sets and at LA International Airport, major outbreaks continue to occur. The latest evidence reveals that Latinos suffer disproportionately from this current wave and, according to the LA Times, are now dying at a pace two and a half times higher than white county residents.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, anti-mask protesters attacked malls and grocery stores in LA without wearing masks, raising fears about further placing critical workers at risk.

Southern California’s increasingly dire condition comes after the number of hospitalizations in the U.S. hit a record 125,544 over the weekend. No signs of slowing are given by the latest wave of cases.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. leading infectious disease specialist, and others warn that as people remain indoors due to the holidays and cold weather, another rise is possible.

In the next few weeks, it could and will probably get worse, or at least sustain the very terribly high level of infections and deaths we’re seeing,”It could and probably will get worse in the next few weeks, or at least maintain this very terribly high level of infections and deaths that we’re seeing,”

Overall, in California, an average of 37,845 positive cases are registered daily, with hospitalizations in the past two weeks up 18 percent.

An average of 336 Californians have died per day for the past week, Gavin Newsom, the state’s governor, said Monday.

California-wide intensive care units have been expanded to capacity, with admissions in the past 14 days up 22 percent.

At a Dec. 31 news conference, Marco Randazzo, an emergency room physician in Santa Clara County, said that several hospitals in the area were forced to care for emergency room intensive care patients because their intensive care units were complete. “Often, we can only transfer a patient to the ICU if a Covid patient has died,” Randazzo said.

Ninety patients, Newsom said, are being treated at alternative treatment sites – federal field hospitals.

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