After being humiliated by a flight attendant, an inspirational passenger sheds eight stone.


After being humiliated by a flight attendant, an inspirational passenger sheds eight stone.

ZOE Foster, 63, was a size 26 when she boarded an aircraft and was publicly ridiculed for requiring a larger seat belt; since then, she has shed an incredible eight stone.

After being unable to buckle her seat belt on a flight home from a vacation in Spain, Zoe Foster claimed she “wanted to disappear.”

“The seat belt would not fasten, and to my horror, I was embarrassed by the flight hostess,” Ms Foster of Scunthorpe told the Grimsby Telegraph. ‘Who’s the lady who needs this?’ she said loudly as she marched down the aisle holding a bright orange belt extension.

“I needed the floor to open up so that I could vanish.

“I made up my decision right then and there that this would never happen to me again.”

Ms Foster joined her local Slimming World group two days later and made incredible progress in the first weeks, dropping over three stone.

Unfortunately, when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune and inflammatory condition, her hard work came to a halt.

“I was nearly bed-bound,” Ms Foster explained. “I couldn’t drive or go to work because I couldn’t drive.”

She suffered another debilitating health emergency just when her condition was improving thanks to medication.

“I suffered a spontaneous ruptured spleen,” she explained. I had surgery to remove my spleen and spent several days in the intensive care unit and a month in the hospital.

“Thanks to our excellent NHS, I was able to come through after three months of rehabilitation and was overjoyed to be alive.”

She said she “ate her way through rehabilitation” and gained back the 3 stone 5 pounds she had lost: “I was so miserable and upset with myself, but I would put on a brave front and go out with friends, where I consumed big amounts of beer, typically followed by a kebab or something similar.”

“My friends liked and supported me for who I was, but I didn’t like myself at all.”

This prompted Zoe to rejoin Slimming World, and she began to make progress once more.

“I acquired new inspiration, and all of a sudden I was in the correct frame of mind,” she explained. I began to lose weight once more.

“It wasn’t always easy. I would gain a couple pounds during the holidays and celebrations.

“However, the difference was that I was always back on it, driven to be the best version.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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