After a successful mini-Sistar reunion, Hyolyn will return with ‘Layin’ Low,’ leaving fans ecstatic.


After a successful mini-Sistar reunion, Hyolyn will return with ‘Layin’ Low,’ leaving fans ecstatic.

Hyolyn will release her solo single in November after making a summer comeback with fellow Sistar member Dasom. Sistar’s Hyolyn is a full-fledged solo artist, but she teased fans with a small Sistar reunion back in August when she released the charity track, ‘Summer or Summer.’ The song earned the two Sistar members the moniker “summer queens,” and fans speculated that the tune was a hint at the four-member group reuniting. On November 24, Hyolyn unveiled her new single, ‘Layin’ Low,’ and it appears that something is in the works.

According to Hyolyn’s management company, Brid, Hyolyn would make her comeback in as little as six days with a new joint song featuring a surprise artist. Fans have been hoping for another reunion from the singer, hoping it will be with a fellow Sistar member.

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‘Layin’ Low’ will be released by Hyolyn.

Hyolyn revealed the new single on social media, and the song, ‘Layin’ Low,’ is set to be released digitally on November 30 at 6 p.m. KST (4 am ET). While more specifics are yet unknown, Hyolyn teased her comeback with the mysterious note “feat.??” which piqued fans’ interest. The song, ‘Layin’ Low,’ will be a hill dance performance song full of dizzying and sensuous charms, and is predicted to become a viral smash with an upbeat background score that will take over the world with an enhanced version of Hyolyn’s vocals, according to reports.

Hyolyn can be seen dancing in heels once again in the brief teaser, following in the footsteps of her 2018 release ‘Dally,’ which has over 19 million views on YouTube. Fans are anticipating a much bigger jump with ‘Layin’ Low,’ because to Hyolyn’s growing popularity as well as her bold and sensual charisma.

Hyolyn debuted with Sistar, a Starship Entertainment group created in 2010 and debuted in 2011 with three other members Dasom, Bora, and Soyou. Sistar was announced to be disbanding in May of 2017. In the years that followed, all of the members pursued solo acting and music careers.

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