After a motorcycle accident, an Apple Watch user requested assistance.

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(Photo : Pixabay/PhotoMIX-Company) Apple Watch seriesApple Watch motorcycle driver in Singapore benefited from the device’s feature after becoming a hit and run victim.

Apple Watch Saved a Life

The Apple Watch Series 4 and its successors are equipped with a fall detection feature. The feature notifies the user’s emergency contact and local emergency services if the watch notices that you are unresponsive after it detects a fall.

The watch also gives you a bit of time to respond to the alert to let it know that you are okay. If you are knocked out or if you are not in a condition to turn off the alert, then the device will call for help, according to iMore.

That is what happened to Muhammad Fitri, who became unconscious after colliding with a van while riding his motorcycle. The accident, which was reported to be a hit-and-run, happened on Sept. 25.

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Fitri’s watch had a fall detection feature, and it sent a Hard Fall SOS notification to his girlfriend, who is his emergency contact. It notified her of the accident while also giving her his location.

The Apple Watch automatically contacted emergency services, and an ambulance was sent to the accident scene.

In August, another Apple Watch user was saved by the device. Dan Pfau fainted and hit his head on the floor.

According to ABC, the 70-year-old is a retired administrative consultant, and he claimed that this is not the first time that his Apple Watch has saved him.

In 2019, Pfau was rescued from a bicycle accident after his watch called 911. He said that he woke up in an ambulance at the time without remembering what happened to him.

The report says that Pfau does not even remember calling 911 because he did not. The watch was the one that called 911. This is in reference to the fall detection feature that Apple introduced back in 2018.

However, this time, the incident faced by Pfau was scarier because of his history of sudden fainting spells, he ended up hitting his head on the hardwood floor, and he began bleeding.

Pfau felt pain and was not able to move. He then used the dictation feature on his watch to call his wife, who went home to help him.

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