A doctor’s recommendation for a type 2 diabetic diet is the “best option” for a takeaway.


A doctor’s recommendation for a type 2 diabetic diet is the “best option” for a takeaway.

Dr. Sarah Brewer, a diabetes expert, understands the delicate balance a person managing their blood sugar must strike when it comes to their nutrition. So, some takeaways are better than others when it comes to a little treat?

If you’re going to a Chinese restaurant, Dr. Brewer suggests ordering “steamed sea bass with spring onion and ginger” and eating plenty of green veggies.

”This is a fantastic meal to order since, unlike a lot of Chinese food, none of it is deep fried,” she noted. “Substituting veggies for the traditional grains or noodles helps to keep carb intake low.”

“Avoid excessive portions” to keep your glucose (i.e. blood sugar) levels in check.

“It’s advisable to avoid any form of sweet and sour dish when eating Chinese food because these are high in sugar,” Dr. Brewer advised.

“Because this dish uses a lot of white rice, try to avoid it and replace it with a little brown rice if necessary.”

If you want to order an Indian dish instead, stay away from high-carb dishes like white rice, bread, and poppadoms.

“Dahl is a good alternative for diabetics who wish to experience Indian cuisine,” Dr. Brewer said.

“Dahl is usually cooked with legumes like lentils, which are high in minerals and include soluble fiber, which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable,” she explained.

“In comparison to many other items on the menu, the spinach, tandoori, and tikka dishes do not have the heavy, fatty sauces.”

Pizza and pasta are another favorite takeaway dish, but they “may wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels.”

Dr. Brewer recommends avoiding thick-crust pizza and rich, creamy pasta sauces if you must eat Italian.

“For a healthy option, try an aubergine parmigiana with a lot of tomato sauce or go for the fish dishes,” Dr. Brewer advised.

Whatever takeaway you choose, keep an eye on when your food will arrive.

Dr. Brewer stated, “It is better to eat sooner in the evening than late.”

“Eating later into the evening has been linked to weight gain and elevated blood sugar levels in studies.”

According to Dr. Brewer, “you should strive to eat around the same time every day,” so place your order about the time you would regularly have dinner.

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