150-member mark for the Consortium


Through Brian Donnelly

Malin Group, a specialist in marine technology, and the Isle of Skye Mussel Company, part of Scotland’s growing community of small and medium-sized seafood companies, have joined the partnership of the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre for the first time, becoming members of more than 150 organizations.

As “Scotland’s aquaculture sector increasingly relies on collaborative innovation to deliver sustainable growth.” SAIC said the move represents a major milestone in its membership base.

It is planned that the consortium will serve as a link point for various parts of the industry, including producers of seafood, supply chain firms, regulators and the public sector. Sectors ranging from biotechnology to subsea companies and equipment manufacturers to logistics companies and retailers were covered in addition to aquaculture.

“The growth of the SAIC consortium reflects the increasing commitment of aquaculture – as well as the many industries that support it – to innovation and collaboration. It also underscores the growing diversity of the sector, not only in terms of geography, but also in the types of companies involved, their size and areas of focus.” More than half of S


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