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Champagne and salmon lead UK sales forecasts for supermarkets

Strong demand for luxury Christmas products helped fuel an 8.5 percent increase in Morrisons revenue over the festive season as the retailer kicked off coverage of what is predicted to be a record sales period for supermarkets.

Online sales tripled and growth was driven by strong demand for festive classics like champagne and salmon as families made the most of the quieter festive season, Morrisons said.

In the nine weeks to January 3, revenue at existing Morrisons stores increased 7.3 percent, but this was aided by a 1.2 percent increase in wholesale sales from the retailer’s deal with Amazon and deliveries to convenience stores.

David Potts, chief executive, said, “For nine months now, the pandemic has been hitting individuals and communities in the UK hard, but over the Christmas period it was especially hard.”

“I’m very pleased with the way the Morrisons team has helped our customers across the country enjoy their Christmas in the best possible way.”

Morrisons said that this year, consumer shopping habits were different as Covid constraints discouraged bigger friends and family events.

Sales of champagne were up 64 percent from last year, while sales of whole salmon were up 40 percent .

The chain said that, considering the “extremely unpredictable current circumstances,” it still expects profits to be in line with plans for the current year.


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