Your debit card is about to expire, but when will you get a new one?


Your debit card is about to expire, but when will you get a new one?

DEBIT cards usually expire two to five years after they were issued, but how soon should you get a new one?

Debit cards are widely accepted throughout the country. In July of this year, the UK issued 97.3 million debit cards and 61.9 million credit cards. People were 57 percent more likely to own a debit card as a result of this. Depending on your bank or card provider, cards usually expire after two to five years.

This month, a curious story about a man who received 64 replacement debit cards from his bank made the news.

After his bank proceeded to send multiple cards to his home, the individual, known as Peter, became perplexed.

“Back in December, I started receiving replacement debit cards,” he posted on Reddit.

“Every few days, they’d show up one or two at a time.”

Every debit card will have an expiration date.

In most cases, the date is written with the month and date, for example, 03/21.

In the case of the example above, this means your card will expire on March 31, 2021.

The expiry date specifies the last month your card will be valid, and it will thus expire on the last day of that month.

But what should you do if your debit card is about to expire?

Before your debit card expires, most banks will automatically mail you a new card.

Different banks will use different timeframes to determine when fresh cards are normally sent out.

If you do not receive a card before it expires, contact your bank to obtain a replacement.

You may need to activate a new card before utilizing it.

Although not all cards require activation, many of them do.

You should be informed whether or not you need to activate your card when it arrives.

You can do this in three ways: by calling the automated card number, activating it through the bank, or by using transactions.

On the back of your card, there will most likely be a sticker with a phone number to call to activate it.

You can also activate it over the phone or through your online banking platforms with many banks.

You might be able to activate your card by using it, but only if you use it to pay for something and enter your PIN number.

You should be able to do so when you’ve activated your card. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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