Women risk a “major financial gap,” prompting an investment caution – Are you missing out on something?


Women risk a “major financial gap,” prompting an investment caution – Are you missing out on something?

WHILE INVESTING IS UNDERSTANDABLY a male-dominated industry, what exactly is preventing women from doing so? This website spoke with Jessica Robinson, author of Financial Feminism: A Woman’s Guide to Investing for a Sustainable Future, about the “gender investing gap.”

Ms Robinson also founded Moxies Future, the world’s first educational community platform aimed at empowering women as investors. Ms Robinson works as a strategic advisor to institutional investors and is passionate about green finance, sustainability, responsible investing, and gender equality.

She stated, “The terrible reality is that many women simply do not invest enough.”

“The gender investment difference is important because many women save less for retirement and invest more in cash, resulting in a large financial shortfall over time.

“Of course, the pay gap between men and women exacerbates this, but it also means that women are missing out on opportunities to make the money they do have work better for them,” Ms Robinson added.

But what is it that is preventing women in general from putting their money to work in the investment industry? Ms Robinson indicated that there are a few significant obstacles to consider:

– “According to research, women have a lack of confidence when it comes to investing. For many women, erring on the side of caution appears to be the norm. As experience creates confidence, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

– “Talking about money may be scary, and the jargon employed by financial professionals is sometimes strange at best, and completely perplexing at worst. This can deter women, and the business has historically done little to improve financial literacy,” Ms Robinson explained.

– “It isn’t only the terms and language employed. It’s also one of the most important messages we give to women about money expectations and assumptions.

“According to linguistic study, the media and advertising industries portray women as needing to limit, restrict, and better regulate their splurges. Men, on the other hand, are pushed to “dare to invest,” meaning that financial success makes you “more of a man.”

– “There are some women who believe that ‘investing is not for them.’ Given the obstacles mentioned above, it’s not surprising.”

Adding to these concerns, changing the gender discrepancy in the investment business appears to be an almost insurmountable feat. Ms Robinson, on the other hand. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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