With next-day deliveries and an eco-hygiene rollout, Galleon reaches new heights.


With next-day deliveries and an eco-hygiene rollout, Galleon reaches new heights.

Galleon, a cleaning products distributor, is on a roll with its new Panda Soft bamboo toilet tissue and Havana, a recycled cardboard napkin and towel range.

“Beige is the new white – and green,” says Tim Bench, managing director and second-generation co-owner of the family business, whose hygiene necessities have also appeared as props in programs like Corrie and Big Brother.

The company, which is based in Coventry, grew from a garage start-up distributor in 1970 and is now known for its consistency and flexibility across the board, from delivery and payment to order quantity.

Customers are supplied across the United Kingdom, and a £6 million turnover is expected next year as a result of an expanding 15,500 client base.

Home shoppers have recently joined GP and dentist surgeries, nursing homes, veterinary practices, the Royal Marines, fish farms, and movie sets.

“We were one of the early adopters of web sales and, we believe, the first in the cleaning and hygiene business to offer unfiltered live customer feedback,” adds Bench.

“We provide high-quality brands, sourcing the best in each specialty at competitive pricing and with excellent customer service.” We’re happy to do lesser quantities or combination orders, such as five different items in one order.

“Clients can inspect, obtain free samples, and receive guidance.” We design specific websites to aid in the purchase process. All of this has earned us a tremendous deal of loyalty and allowed us to expand.” “But we’re witnessing a surge in demand for eco-friendly products like our recycled cleaning rags, which come from hotels’ discarded towels – customers cleaning up after floods have found them quite handy,” Bench says.

“This is why we created our own Panda Soft brand, which is free of plastic packaging.” The rolls are reasonably priced, created in southern China from certified sustainable bamboo, and are ideal for delicate skin.

“Our Havana collection will be available in the coming months. The quality of recycled brown paper has greatly increased, and it is now extremely soft and silky. The increase in internet delivery in boxes has resulted in increased availability. The green circle is formed by recycling waste cardboard into a recyclable new variety.” Galleon’s vision in purchasing a run-down distribution center a decade ago proved pivotal. “Brinkwire Summary News” says, “With our own headquarters, we can source full.”


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