Wildlife prints make excellent gifts and help to safeguard Africa’s threatened wildlife.


Wildlife prints make excellent gifts and help to safeguard Africa’s threatened wildlife.

Art for Rangers’ exquisite limited edition prints of Africa’s gorgeous creatures are among the most suitable Christmas gifts for wildlife enthusiasts, and all revenues go to helping safeguard endangered species and the brave anti-poaching forces battling for their survival.

The signed mementos are from the private collection of Beverly Joubert, an award-winning filmmaker and National Geographic explorer, and will benefit Project Ranger, an inspirational effort started by her and her husband Dereck Joubert’s Great Plains Foundation charity. This is part of the Great Plains eco-tourism and conservation company, which offers safari camps in Botswana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, and aims to preserve and safeguard Africa’s landscapes, animals, and the communities that rely on them.

Covid’s impact, which has decimated tourist numbers and revenues, has put wildlife in even more jeopardy.

“During the pandemic, Dereck and I started providing essential cash to assist save local ranger jobs and stem the increased poaching,” Beverly explains.

“I also wanted to give something in return for everyone’s support, something to serve as a reminder that in this era of teamwork, we can’t do conservation in isolation.”

Project Ranger has so far supported approximately 130 rangers in seven countries who are on the front lines of conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

Each original print is offered for £186, including international delivery, for people concerned about conservation and willing to donate to a worthy organization this winter.

All prints are printed on A3 quality paper (11.8 x 17.7 inches) and are available in higher sizes for a fee. Each photograph is limited to ten prints.

To ensure delivery by Christmas, place your order by December 15, 2020 with Art for Rangers.

See here for a variety of available Art for Ranger prints.


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