Web 3.0 Is Here: Here Are the Top 5 Crypto and Blockchain Projects Leading the Way.


The Web 3.0 Era Is Here: Here Are the Top 5 Crypto and Blockchain Projects Leading the Way.

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Everyone was talking about Web3 in the second half of 2021; what was it, and how was it going to change our world? Up until the 2010s, most of us were using either the Web1 or Web2 versions of the internet.

The former was a’read-only’ version of the internet, which allowed users to search for and access information but not communicate or interact with.

Web2, the version of the internet that we currently use, allows for user-generated content and places a greater emphasis on engagement.

Web3, as many of us are aware, is the next stage in the internet’s evolution, and it will have far-reaching implications for its users, including more intuitive AI systems and a more robust user experience.

Because Web3 is decentralized and self-governing by definition, peer-to-peer platforms will be at its heart.

Naturally, decentralized tools like cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs will be heavily used in this version of the internet.

This concept will be explored even further in 2022, with many innovative crypto and blockchain projects driving much of this exploration.

Here are the top crypto and blockchain projects ushering in Web3 from x to x:

Cirus (circus)

Cirus is bridging the gap between data and Web 3.0 by allowing users to convert their data into cryptocurrency and use it as an entry point into the new digital economy.

Cirus turns the tables on big businesses that take your data for free and turn it into billions.

Instead, users can use an entire suite of services to control, monetize, and earn from their own data – the way it should be – ranging from a web browser extension to mobile apps to a wifi router that supercharges data monetization.

Data is well on its way to becoming the asset of the future, interwoven into Web 3 and the Metaverse to open up new services, financial opportunities, and entirely new types of markets, beyond just monetization.

With Cirus, you’ll own this asset and be able to plug it directly into a Web 3.0 platform to take advantage of all of these benefits, all while generating a passive asset – your data.

Cirus’ browser is already available.

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