‘We took the risk.’ Meet the duo that saw their sales increase 400% in just five months.


‘We took the risk.’ Meet the duo that saw their sales increase 400% in just five months.

HEX MCR, A FASHION RETAILER FOUNDED BY TWO CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS IN OCTOBER 2020, SAW A 400% INCREASE IN SALES IN THE FIRST FIVE MONTHS, owing to celebrity and influencer purchases that boosted the brand’s notoriety.

The commercial success of co-founders Luke Powell and Andy Gibson has demonstrated that having business qualifications or experience is not required to be an entrepreneur. In an exclusive statement to this website, Mr Powell discussed the story of HEX MCR, as well as entrepreneurship advice from alldayPA founder Reuben Singh.

Originally starting with merely trucker caps, co-founders Luke Powell and Andy Gibson expanded the HEX MCR collection to include eco-friendly clothes and luggage due to overwhelming demand.

“In October 2020, Andy and I began trading with HEX. Mr Powell said, “We initially founded the company in June 2020 and spent some time researching and contacting vendors.”

“When we went to market, we wanted to make sure we had a robust product that could stand on its own.

“Because we’re both in the building sector, HEX was virtually a crisis business when the first lockdown happened.”

This was the unfortunate reality for many lockdown entrepreneurs and side hustlers as they attempted to create a profitable business.

“Given the introduction of social distancing, we were concerned about the industry’s stability.

We believed that ecommerce would be an industry that would naturally thrive.”

However, implementing this seemingly straightforward business decision was more difficult than expected, so the pair used the talents and expertise they did have to make the company flourish.

“Admittedly, neither Andy nor I come from a fashion background, but we do have experience with strategy and team building.

“I believe that if we had a second opportunity, we would always do things differently, but that is mainly due to the perfectionism in both of us.

“We’ve made a lot of mistakes so far, but we prefer to think of them as crucial industry experience that we didn’t have prior to founding HEX.

“We can’t claim we’ve had a great start, but I suppose we couldn’t really expect that given that we chose to establish a business in the midst of one of the world’s worst pandemics.”

Mr Powell stated that there is no magic formula for small business success, but rather consistency, hard work, and the correct instruments.

“Right now.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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