‘We sound a little like we’re in no man’s land’: Brexit brings to Trowbridge mixed feelings


Alex Joll, who operates the Free Range Cafe in Trowbridge’s great old town hall, felt he’d better store one of his most significant items as the UK’s departure from the EU loomed. “It’s pretty random,” he says. Our coffee comes from Peru, but it’s processed in Germany in a big warehouse until it gets to the UK, where it’s roasted.

I decided I needed to stock up just in case.

“Some time ago, I bought an additional month’s supply, just in case. “Sector by sector: are UK businesses ready for post-Brexit trade? Joll voted for Brexit. Read more… “Really, for all kinds of reasons.

The EU was not, I don’t think, the best institution for Britain.

I have lived in Spain and France, and I am married to a Spanish lady.

I think that if we want to leave, they’ll let us back in.

“In the EU referendum, Ben Laver, 18, who did a shift at the café, was too young to vote. He would have voted to stay. “The economic instability of leaving the EU is troubling as a young person.

I don’t think anything that was promised has come to fruition,” he said, “the extra money for the NHS, all the fishing rights. “Laver is a member of an alt-rock band called Enter Red.” He is worried that leaving the EU would make it more difficult for his band, which is performing in the southwest of England, to go abroad. “You usually take the cheapest plane fare, sleep where you can, and then run home. It might be unprofitable for us to pay hundreds of pounds for a visa. 52.5 percent of Wiltshire citizens voted to leave. There was no sense of jubilation in the county town of Trowbridge a few hours before Britain’s final departure.

And there was a little more work to do for many people, more laws to learn. British businesses planning for Brexit:’ It was a bit of a debacle’ Read more Sam Rose, a recruitment company owner, had to work through the legislation to find out how the changes would affect her company. “Her company provides labor for many of the industrial factories, garages and food processing plants.” There’s been a steady stream of employees coming from Eastern Europe here for years. ‘That has slowed down,’ says Rose.

Since more Britons have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus, there is no shortage of staff right now. “But we don’t know if that will change,” he says. Some of the factories through which it provides labor are reporting fears that it could disrupt their supply chains with Europe. “That could also affect us,” she says. Trowbridge has drawn people from all over the world for a long time.

This summer, Serkan Ozturk, who is of Turkish origin, opened a fruit and vegetable store in the city center – a bold venture in these Covid times. “It was tough,” he says. He’s now a little worried that his fruit would be more expensive by the Brexit. “But in the end, I think Brexit will be good for the UK,” he said. Wiltshire farmers aren’t so sure. Nick Bush has an arable and sheep farm north of Tro Tro Bush.

“But he is worried that there might still be “problems” at the borders and wants to learn more about the new Environmental Land Management (ELM) program, which will largely replace the programs available under the Common Agricultural Policy. If things don’t work out, farmers won’t stay quiet. “I think it’s good that now the government needs to respond more directly to farmers,” Bush said. “They can’t do it. Trowbridge Chief Stewart Palmen of the Town Council is disappointed by the decision to leave the EU.

“As a Liberal Democrat, he has campaigned to stay in the EU and for a second referendum: “The mentality of ‘little Britain’ is what concerns me.

I see us only as a part of the universe.

My dad is Finnish, and I still considered myself to be European. I’m furious today that my citizenship is being taken away and that my identity is being restricted. His council’s Tory colleague, Antonio Piazza, also voted to stay, but said the agreement was a “His Tory colleague on the council, Antonio Piazza, also voted to remain, but said the deal was a ” ” “


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