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Scam Alert: GD10 Ventures Clarifies That It Didn’t Invest in Tank Battle Co

In the world of whitepapers, finding legitimate investors to back a project gives curious investors more confidence.

Using the names of reputable investment groups, on the other hand, could be a tactic used by some projects to promote themselves without actually being true.

The Value of Investing in Future Projects

To put things in perspective, a strong company investing in a project signals to the public that the project is worthwhile.

Because these businesses profit from the investments they make, they do not invest in projects at random.

In a real-life scenario in the crypto world, a project called Tank Battle Co used the logo of a company called GD10 Ventures in its investors section, claiming that the latter was a top investor without the latter ever supporting or investing.

GD10 Issues a (hashtag)ScamAlert to Clarify Its Non-Participation in Tank Battle Co.

(hashtag)ScamAlert We never invested in or supported @tankbattleco, despite the fact that they have listed us as their largest shareholder.

Please be wary of teams who use this strategy.

You can always look through our portfolio or join our Telegram group TG @gd10ventures pic.twitter.comqscngeoMuK for more information.

— January 14, 2022, GD10 Ventures (@GD10V)

GD10 Ventures has clarified on Twitter that, despite the project listing them as a major investor, they have never invested in or even supported Tank Battle Co.

The hashtag (hashtag)ScamAlert was used in the tweet.

Following that, the group urged the public to be wary of certain teams who use this tactic.

Those who are curious about the projects in which GD10 is investing can look at their portfolio or join their TG group @gd10ventures, according to GD10.

Investment Portfolio of GD10 Ventures

Tank Battle Co. was not mentioned in GD10’s portfolio.

SOLChicks, Star Atlas, Domi Online, Polkadex, Sienna, XION, UNVEST, TrustFi, Monsters Clan, Monsta Infinite, and other legitimate projects are among those supported by the group.

Looking for profitable and dependable investment groups or companies and checking out their portfolio is one strategy that new investors can use.

Because these organizations and businesses spend so much money on research, they are invested in every project with the goal of profit.

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Follow Investors’ Portfolios with Caution to Find Good Projects

However, this is not always the case, as some projects continue to fail.

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