Veteran Sir Ian from the North Sea to start an energy initiative


At next week’s launch of a new initiative to drive innovation in the UK energy market, energy expert Sir Ian Wood will offer his expertise. For the EnergyTech initiative, Opportunity North East, the software company chaired by the North Sea veteran, Barclays Eagle Labs and CodeBase have teamed up. Tech analyst Horace Dediu and Open University energy professor Bill Nuttall will join Sir Ian at the virtual launch on 29 September.

A day in life Improvements in the workplace can be made with the best of intentions, whether it is updating equipment or adding new efficiency-enhancing technologies. But transition may have an unintended detrimental effect on society as well.

With this in mind, the management consulting company MaxCap created a new cartoon named “A Day in the Life of Doris” to alert managers and workers to such pitfalls. The cartoon illustrates, according to MaxCap, “how, with a few proactive changes to overall work practices, an employer can help dramatically improve the work-life balance of its employees and create a positive mental health environment.”

That sounds like a timely intervention, considering the added pressures of the coronavirus.


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