Two teenagers who made quick cash at the Leeds Festival explain how they got money back for having a good time.


Two teenagers who made quick cash at the Leeds Festival explain how they got money back for having a good time.

Over the weekend, money-savvy youngsters enjoyed the Leeds Festival while also raking in some additional cash.

On their fourth visit to the annual music festival, Charlie Speight and Alfie Armitage, two Branham locals, discovered an easy method to make money. The two lads, both 13 years old, have been attending Leeds Festival with their parents for several years.

They’ve finally figured out a simple way to make money by recycling the festival trash.

The guys developed a game out of collecting as many cups as they could and trading them in while watching their favorite musicians.

“You receive 10p per cup if you hand them in at collection stations throughout the place,” Alfie told Leeds Live.

“It also aids those who must clean up after the weekend.”

Other festival-goers assisted the eco-conscious young lads by picking up on what the boys were gathering and adding their own cups to the expanding towers.

The festival’s efforts to boost the fight against single-use plastics include a 10p prize for mugs.

Festivals all throughout the UK are known for the rubbish they leave behind, and the Reading and Leeds festivals were no exception as more businesses begin to go green.

They detailed the several ways they have introduced greener practices and eco-friendly client engagement on their website:

“Since 2009, we have prohibited the use of single-use plastic cutlery and non-compostable serveware.

“Fifty percent of all water bottles sold are manufactured from recycled plastic.

“All trader soft drinks will be provided at the arena from cans, decanted into disposable cups.

“All bottled alcoholic beverages will be decanted into cups so that we may responsibly manage plastic trash.

“Please bring a refillable plastic or metal bottle to fill up at the stadium water stations #BYOBbottle.”

And it was this last policy that the guys sought to exploit:

“A 10p deposit is included in the price of all bottles and mugs, which may be redeemed at the Arena’s refund points.”

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While many people miss these kind of terms and conditions, the two boys were able to not only enjoy the event but also get part of their money back by observing them.

While 10p may not appear to be much in the face of a ticket, it may add up quickly. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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