Tommy Fury claims in a scathing press conference that Jake Paul will lose “because it’s not rigged.”


Tommy Fury claims in a scathing press conference that Jake Paul will lose “because it’s not rigged.”

Before their fight next month, Tommy Fury has ripped into Jake Paul, claiming that the former YouTuber has only won his previous fights because they were rigged.

Tommy Fury has slammed Jake Paul for claiming that their upcoming fight will not be rigged, claiming that his opponent will lose.

Since their multi-million dollar fight was announced in October, the two have been at odds on social media, and were given the opportunity to debate in person at their pre-fight press conference this week.

Fury ripped into Paul’s boxing record, pointing out that the former YouTube sensation had only ever fought retired UFC fighters and a former basketball player in his career.

“You’ve fought former UFC fighters and a basketball player, and that’s it,” Fury said.

“You’re going to get knocked out spark out when you fight me on December 18th, mate.”

You’re only good at one thing: YouTube.

“Because you lose if it isn’t rigged and set up in the contract.”

The 22-year-old went on to say that he feels like he’s won the lottery because of the large payout he’ll get for what he claims will be a routine win.

“It’s as if I’ve hit the jackpot.”

“You’re asking me to fight a complete noob on a massive global stage,” he emphasized.

“You’re going to pay me very well, and all I have to do now is fight Jake Paul.”

“Come December 18, I’m going to splatter this man.”

So I’m pleading with Jake Paul not to drop out of this fight.”

Paul has a professional boxing record of 4-0, but Fury will be his first professional opponent in the ring.

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“You’ll wish you stuck to paying UFC fighters and basketball players when you get in there with a fresh 22-year-old who’s been doing this his whole life,” Fury added.

The 7-0 Englishman has been training for weeks at his brother Tyson’s fitness center in Morecambe.

The fight will take place on December 18 in Tampa, Florida, and will be broadcast live in the UK on BT Sport Box Office.


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