Today’s freebie of the day is how to obtain two Domino’s pizzas for the price of one.


Today’s freebie of the day is how to obtain two Domino’s pizzas for the price of one.

Every Tuesday, DOMINO’S pizza fans may have two delicious pizzas for the price of one, with one entirely free.

This deal runs every week throughout the year and is a terrific way to enjoy a treat while saving money. It’s perfect for families, couples, or pizza groups. On Tuesdays, customers who order any medium or large Domino’s pizza will receive a complimentary pizza of the same size.

On the Domino’s blog, go to the ‘Domino’s ‘Deals’ page.

Choose ‘Two for Tuesday’ and ‘order now’.

Make your choice – the value of the complimentary pizza cannot exceed that of the first.

There’s a lot to choose from, including classics like Texas BBQ and Vegi Supreme. Customers can also opt for the Create Your Own option, which allows them to add their own toppings.

The corporation has even come up with some ways to keep boredom at away on Tuesdays, which it now refers to as “Two for Tuesdays.”

It suggested that inviting friends over for a midweek football match, holding a cocktail hour, or hosting a movie marathon are some ideas to liven up usually dull Tuesdays.

Pizza lovers who can’t get enough of the Texas BBQ pizza’s smoky bacon and crisp green and red peppers should consider mixing it with Tequila.

The flavors of the Deep South are said to go well with tequila.

A simple recipe for a “Spicy Paloma” can be found on the company’s website for aspiring mixologists.

There’s even a list of the finest food movies to watch while eating pizza on the page. It suggests Mystic Pizza (no surprise), Chocolat (2000), and No Reservations (again, no surprises) (2007).

One of the pandemic’s success stories is the pizza behemoth.

The company recently opened 13 new stores and is currently anticipating further expansion.

“Covid has been painful for all of us,” Domino’s CEO Dominic Paul said, “but I couldn’t be prouder of how everyone throughout the business has responded to serve our customers and support one other.”

“As soon as the lockdown went into effect, we had to halt all collections from our stores for the night.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Add your postcode or go to to find out.

“However, because individuals were staying at home, there was a big increase in the demand for delivery.

We’re committed to opening new stores on UK high streets, and we’ve already opened 13 this year.”

Domino’s has also promised to contribute more funds. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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