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Three main conferences for 2021 have been secured by the Edinburgh International Conference Centre as the venue aims to incorporate robust health and well-being programs to securely welcome participants back next year.

The British Lifestyle Medicine Society, the Cleantech Forum Europe in October 2021 and the Society for Endocrinology in November 2021 will take place in September 2021.

“It would be a huge understatement to say we’re looking forward to the return of the conferences next year, especially given the challenging time our team has had since the pandemic and venue closure in March.”It would be a huge understatement to say we’re looking forward to the return of next year’s conferences, particularly given the challenging time our team has had since the March pandemic and venue closure.

Contractor adjusts to function in the coronavirus crisis at home

In the conference and events industry, there are usually long lead times, so we appreciate the opportunity to prepare ahead for these three major conferences, and we continue to accept bookings for major conferences for late 2021 and 2022.

The fast and effective delivery of the vaccine is what will be important for the future. We’re optimistic that next year, with a stronger return to international conferences in 2022, we’ll see more conferences and events in the UK. We also know that once we’re out of the pandemic, business activities will be a crucial factor in the recovery of the Scottish economy.

Richard Youngman, Cleantech Group Chief Executive, said, “We are delighted to bring the Cleantech Forum Europe, Europe’s leading event for sustainable innovation, to the EICC in Edinburgh in 2021.” It is good timing because next year, Scotland will also host the postponed COP-26. Since 2006, our innovation-driven forum that produces climate action strategies has not been in the UK, Europe’s largest venture capital market.

The impact of lifestyle medicine is increasingly recognized as an important part of addressing the increasing impact of preventable diseases of the 21st century worldwide,” said Rob Lawson, chairman of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.” For its 25th anniversary, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is proud to bring its 5th annual International Conference to the EICC.

“Mr. Dallas also said, “As we reach the end of 2020, healthcare, health technology and CleanTech are among the world’s greatest social challenges, so it is appropriate that we will host these important conferences next year. It also aligns with our goal to create an atmosphere that encourages innovations that transform the world.

After its closure, the EICC, which has been running online events, is entering 2020, the year of its 25th anniversary, with a record-breaking 2019, creating an economic effect of more than £ 720 million since its opening in September 1995.

3500 events were held at the venue at the time, with a total delegate count of 1,475,892.

“impressed by Marshall’s commitment to developing people and teams.”impressed by the devotion of Marshall to developing individuals and teams.

The EICC began a pioneering hotel and hotel school project in Edinburgh in March.

The £ 350 million Haymarket Edinburgh project, which is being built by QMile Group, is being financed by M&G Real Estate. Under a franchise agreement with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, the completed hotel will be managed by EICC.

Emma Stirling, Innovations Insignia

Fresh software signals when to adjust the face mask

A Scottish smart packaging company based in BioCity has developed technology that warns people when it’s time for their face mask to change.

Designed by Insignia Technologies, the smart label changes color to indicate when a disposable mask has reached the end of its recommended life or when it is appropriate to replace a reusable face cover.

The EU closes borders on a new virus variant

After France banned trucks carrying cargo from Britain and countries around the world ended flights amid concerns of the latest mutant strain of coronavirus, Boris Johnson is going to hold crisis talks with ministers.

In the midst of threats of “significant disruption” around Kent’s canal ports, the Prime Minister will chair a meeting of the government’s Cobra Civil Emergencies Committee on Monday.

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