‘This is not what we deserved!’ 64-year-old woman dissatisfied with hikes in the state pension age.


‘This is not what we deserved!’ 64-year-old woman dissatisfied with hikes in the state pension age.

PENSION FROM THE STATE One woman born in the 1950s voiced concern about working until the raised state pension age, after her eligibility was modified from 60, which she had planned to retire at for a number of years.

Individuals’ state pension payments are often a lifeline, and many will continue to work until they receive the money from the government. However, some people have found it impossible to work after 5 p.m. This website is presenting the tale of Cathie Cassidy, a 64-year-old retail worker from Bedfordshire, in part two of a four-part series this week. Cathie began working at a young age and will have contributed to the National Insurance system for nearly 45 years by the time she retires.

She does, however, suffer from osteoarthritis, a condition that has an influence on her daily life and causes her to be concerned about how long she will be able to work.

“We were charging towards 60, thinking ‘at least we can retire then!” Cathie stated exclusively to This page. People with physical issues, such as myself, may not want to retire completely, but by the time you reach 60, you may be able to augment your pension by working part-time.

“But suddenly it was as if someone yanked the rug out from under us and told us we had to work until we were 66.

“I’m losing weight and my health is failing.” What if the doctor says I won’t be able to work or that I’ll have to work part-time? I couldn’t do it till I was retired since it would have a significant impact on my daily life.

“Without proper financial support, people will be forced to live hand to mouth.” Nobody should be forced to live like that after working their entire lives.” Cathie argues that if her National Insurance contributions had instead gone to a private pension, she and others in her situation could have retired sooner.

“Obviously, many people rely on the state pension,” she continued. I have money in other pensions, but it’s nowhere near enough to allow me to retire early.

“You just think, you’ve paid all this money in, you’ve worked so hard all along,” says Brinkwire.


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