The shares of Alphabet has dropped by 2.5 percent as a result of the social media outage.


The shares of Alphabet has dropped by 2.5 percent as a result of the social media outage.

GOOGLE’S stock has plummeted as a result of a social media outage that has affected hundreds of millions of people.

Google’s stock price has dropped today, with a market value drop of 2.55 percent. The announcement comes amid a nationwide social media outage that has caused Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to be unavailable to users.

Alphabet, which owns Google and other former Google companies, had its stock drop 2.55 percent today.

Alphabet’s stock price peaked at $2,719.21 at the start of today’s trade before dropping.

The stock’s current worth is $2,660.88 as of 8.45 p.m.

The biggest drop occurred at 11 a.m. (GMT) today, when the price was $2621.64.

Alphabet Inc. is the third-largest technological corporation in the world in terms of sales.

Following the slump earlier today, the company’s stock has steadily begun to rise.

The stock price has increased by 20.16 percent in the last six months.

According to April figures, the value was $2,218.96 before falling to $2,200.25 on May 12.

Following a sequence of peaks and troughs leading up to today’s dip, the value peaked on September 1 at $2,904.31.

It’s unclear what triggered the current market price reduction, but it coincided with the outage of three of the most popular social media platforms.

Many people took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the outage of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Despite being one of the only social media networks not affected by the outage, Twitter reported a dip in shares today.

The company’s stock price had dropped 6.05 percent as of 7.55 p.m.

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have all reported issues, preventing hundreds of millions of people from using their services.

All three platforms have issued comments indicating that they are trying to fix the problems.

However, no one has stated when normal service will be restored.

Facebook’s stock price decreased 5.76 percent today as a result of the downtime.


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