The secret to entrepreneurial success, from £500 to £5.4 million, is revealed by the founder.


The secret to entrepreneurial success, from £500 to £5.4 million, is revealed by the founder.

JENNIFER Quigley-Jones began her own firm in 2018 with just £500 and expects to earn more than £10 million by the end of 2021.

Mrs Quigley-Jones, the founder of Digital Voices and the newly launched Creator Voices, revealed the secret to her extraordinary success.

In less than three years, Digital Voices was able to increase its employees, expand internationally, and collaborate with companies like Rolls-Royce.

Digital Voices was formed in 2018 with the goal of assisting influencers, content creators, and digital businesses with their marketing and branding efforts.

Mrs Quigley-Jones had one of the most diverse educational and employment trajectories before founding Digital Voices, demonstrating that entrepreneurship is not a straight and narrow path.

She developed a penchant for humanizing the region while growing up in Kuwait, and went on to investigate and publish pieces on child abuse in Syria, as well as intern in Washington on foreign policy and the Middle East.

Mrs Quigley-Jones then received the Kennedy Scholarship at Harvard University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies.

After working with Oxfam for a while, she moved to YouTube to work as a partner manager, assisting creators in growing their channels.

It was here that she got the idea to help internet creators and companies.

The most difficult difficulty that internet content providers have is getting their work in front of the correct audiences.

Simply by targeting the relevant platforms, keywords, and demographics, they improve their revenue, views, subscribers, and a variety of other metrics.

Many first-time digital entrepreneurs, on the other hand, struggle with this area of their business and discover that they are heading in the wrong way.

While marketing organizations are sufficiently digitized to assist businesses and e-commerce sites with their marketing, influencer marketing assistance is limited.

Mrs Quigley-Jones recognized this gap in the industry because, while Instagram is more well-known for influencer presence, influencers find the most success on YouTube.

As a result of filling this market need, the company has quickly risen to become the global leader in YouTube marketing, with a six-fold increase in year-over-year turnover and astronomical revenue growth of 500 percent projected for 2020.

This level of expansion is nearly unheard of in the entrepreneurial world, and it may be ascribed to growing demand in 2020 as well as her customers’ unique demographic.

However, she stated that the most important aspect in Digital Voices’ phenomenal success was their approach to “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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