The Scottish laser business is gearing up for quantum advancement.


Via Kristy Dorsey

Following its expansion into bespoke premises on the western outskirts of Edinburgh, Precision laser manufacturer UnikLasers has launched a recruitment campaign.

The move comes as research into quantum technology is gradually commercialized, serving as the basis for a wide range of industries, from financial services and medical diagnostics to the defense and security sectors. Overall, by 2025, the global demand for quantum technology is expected to hit a size of $21.6 billion (£16.2 billion).

UnikLasers was founded in 2013 and has expanded its workforce by half since the start of this year and now employs 17 people. In manufacturing, marketing and engineering, additional vacancies are projected to be filled by the end of 2020.

UniKLasers, based in Edinburgh, guarantees six-figure financing

The technical staff of the company are now working in a new 5,500-square-meter facility at Ratho Business Park, allowing the company to expand its production capacity. Where appropriate, all non-technical workers, in compliance with Covid’s health care policies, continue to operate from home.

“Hiring employees and relocating at the rate we have is simply a reflection of the exciting opportunities that quantum technology will bring us in the years ahead,” CEO Alan Faichney said. “The development of our miniaturized laser products is integral to a wide range of quantum technology applications.”

Financial support for a precision laser business in Edinburgh

Professor Fedor Karpushko, who is now the company’s chief technical officer, founded UnikLasers. Six years after the American physicist Theodore Maiman created the world’s first laser in May 1960, he invented his first laser.

Several rounds of funding from Par Equity, the Scottish Investment Bank and Innovate UK have funded the company. Scottish Enterprise, RBS and the Scottish Government have provided further support.


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