The powerful crypto forces that can ‘manipulate’ tokens are known as crypto whales.


The powerful crypto forces that can ‘manipulate’ tokens are known as crypto whales.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES have had a tumultuous year in 2021, with established currencies battling to maintain their value while alternative tokens skyrocket. Despite the fact that the system is decentralized by design, analysts have found “crypto whales” with enough power to manipulate it.

Cryptocurrencies exist as an alternative to fiat currencies, which users create and contribute to ledgers. By design, developers have made them decentralized, limiting tampering and manipulation from outside parties. However, they are still victim to those with the financial means to carve up the industry.

They’re dubbed “crypto whales” by the cryptocurrency community.

Dragos Dunica, Co-Founder of DappRadar, a top-ranked shop for decentralized apps, described how they function to This website.

Crypto whales, he added, possess “huge quantities of cryptocurrency” in both alternative and established currencies.

They become powerful enough to “manipulate the valuation of a certain cryptocurrency” as they accumulate more tokens.

According to Mr Dunica, their significant influence makes them “hugely influential.”

Despite the fact that crypto whales appear to have an unfair advantage, smaller time investors can benefit from them.

“Smaller investors may watch whale movements in order to anticipate changes in the price of a cryptocurrency,” Mr Dunica stated.

“Whale movements” refers to a signal issued by a whale that can cause a cryptocurrency’s price to fluctuate.

“For example, if a whale decides to sell a huge amount of their currency at a low price, the currency as a whole will become more volatile, leading the price to decline.

“This may allow them to acquire additional currency at a low price, and the currency will then stabilize after they stop selling.”

Whales have recently made waves in bitcoin, according to market directions.

Over the last three months, traders having at least $50 million (£36.3 million) in bitcoin in their wallets have boosted their holdings.

According to Daniela Hathorn, a market analyst at foreign exchange business DailyFX, their action suggests bitcoin will likely continue strong as long as it stays above its average.

“As long as bitcoin maintains above its 200-day moving average of $45,750 (£33,236), the positive trend will continue,” she said.

“The essential task for buyers in the coming months will be to maintain rises toward $55,000 (£39,956) without losing momentum.”

Mr. Dunica went on to say that certain whales take advantage of the crypto market’s lack of regulation.

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