The Pandora Papers have exposed a major scandal involving the wealthy and powerful.


The Pandora Papers are a collection of millions of images, a handful of emails, and several electronic files that focus on the illegal actions that were done by the rich and powerful in the world. These were investigated by a collective group of journalists and other sources, exposing those who have engaged in the act.

Think of it this way, the Pandora Papers are whistleblowers’ research that now exposes those that have engaged in illegal activity, something that denounces the acts of these people.

In the past, several whistleblowers have surfaced to expose the powerful people for their cover-ups and lies, particularly that of Dr. Li Meng-Yan for China’s COVID-19 secrets in Wuhan, as well as former NSA analyst Edward Snowden, which talked about the US’s surveillance.

Pandora Papers

The Pandora Papers is now a trending thing, and it is not because it has a collection of new jewelry from a company of the same name or new technology. Rather, it is a collection of illegal activities where the rich and powerful of this world have engaged and were caught doing so by those who started this campaign.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has contributed massively to this research and information gathering, especially as it focuses on getting the answers to several unexplainable wealth. Also, the ICIJ said that this was an unprecedented leak, something which they did not expect as the organization has come across some.

Offshore havens and hidden riches were discovered, citing the likes of the Czech Republic’s Prime Minister’s French Riviera vacation house, purchased discreetly despite campaigning against corruption. Other notable mentions also include Malibu beachfront houses from the King of Jordan, despite jobless issues in the country.

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What is the Pandora Papers

The cases above are not the only discovered issues and leaks from the hands of these influential people.

The Pandora Papers is a collection of 6.4 million documents and other proof which has been gathered for the past couple of months that follow the trail of illegal activities of the rich and powerful. The documents and intel talk about how these people, despite showing that they care for their country’s needs, are in reality, swindlers.

The papers expose these people, especially during this time, where a global crisis is upon us, and. Brinkwire Summary News.


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