The NS&I Premium Bonds reward checker has been updated for September; see whether you’ve won.


The NS&I Premium Bonds reward checker has been updated for September; see whether you’ve won.

PREMIUM BONDS results for September 2021 have been released, with two multimillion winners declared yesterday. Today, NS&I updated its prize checker tool, allowing all bondholders to check the results and discover if they’ve won a prize worth up to £100,000 in cash. All that is required to check if one has won from September’s prize draw is a holder number, and savers will be able to collect their rewards through a variety of methods.

The millionaire prize winning numbers for Premium Bonds were published yesterday, including jackpot winners from Shropshire and Bristol. Both winners had £30,000 in their accounts, with the male holder purchasing his winning Bond in October 2006. 116WA622775 is the winning bond number.

The female winner purchased her bond in October 2003 and has the winning number 84FM963618.

NS&I updated its Prize Checker tool today with all of September’s winning numbers, despite the fact that these facts were revealed yesterday.

This means that every Premium Bonds holder can check to see if they’ve won a prize, no matter how small or large it is. The tool can be downloaded as an app or found on the NS&I website.

Users only need to enter their holder’s number and press “Go” to use the tool.

This holder’s number can be discovered in a “Bond record” or by logging into NS&I’s online service, and it is used to group all held Premium Bonds together. Holders’ numbers are nine or ten digits long, or eight digits long followed by a letter.

While the chances of winning a large reward are tiny, the entire prize pool for September was worth over £93 million, with 3.2 million prizes up for grabs.

If a prize has been won, the winner will have a number of options. Premium Bonds prizes are divided into three value bands: higher, medium, and lower, with each band receiving a percentage of the monthly prize fund.

Every month, the two jackpot rewards are paid out, and winners are usually notified via text or email.

The money can be paid immediately into a bank account or NS&I Direct Saver, or it can be reinvested into more Bonds, allowing holders to select how they want to collect any wins.

Additionally, if the holder agrees, NS&I can send wins in the form of a check through the mail. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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