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A “spirit” with world-famous department store Harrods has been signed by Feragaia, which claims to be Scotland’s first non-alcoholic “significant supply agreement” made from land and sea plants.

The drink, introduced and made in Fife just over a year ago, is targeted at those who opt for brands of no or low alcohol content. Feragaia puts 14 land and sea botanicals together and “delivers a distinct and complex drink, making it the ideal accompaniment to a month of non-alcoholic cocktails.”

It released earlier this month on Harrods shelves, in time for Christmas, with initial strong sales results.

When he exhibited at Scotland’s Specialty Food Show in Glasgow in January, Feragaia was introduced to a Harrods buyer.

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Participation in the new brands segment of the event was sponsored as part of its Trade Promotion Initiative by the Fife Council Economic Development Team.

Feragaia’s co-founder Bill Garnock said, “Our start-up year wasn’t without its difficulties, but it’s great that a conversation I had at the Scotland Speciality Food Show in Glasgow in January resulted in a supply contract with Harrods.”

In a five-star display, our bottles are prominently featured, side by side with other leading brands of beverages. The initial response was highly positive and Feragaia is selling well! I can’t believe that we came on the market a year ago and that the worst pandemic in recent years has survived, but we’ve had this success. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Photograph: Lateef Imaging.

“He added: “I was lucky to have received funding and assistance from the Trade Development Program of the Fife Council and Business Gateway Fife, which allowed me to attend and exhibit Feragaia at the Specialty Food Show in Scotland. For finding opportunities in new and established markets, exhibitions and events like this are critical, and ultimately it was meeting a Harrods buyer there that led to this significant opportunity.

At Scotland’s Speciality Food Show, more connections and networking were developed and Feragaia can now be found on the shelves of many farm stores across Scotland.

As the brand grows and expands its scope, Momentum continues to grow. The company will recruit a business development executive in January while concentrating on expanding production and operations, which in turn will allow Feragaia to concentrate on improving its domestic market as well as pursuing export opportunities in the Middle East and North America.

“Feragaia is a fantastic example of a start-up company that has benefited enormously from our trade development program,” said Ann Camus, corporate and business development manager at Fife Council. The ability to grow both domestically and internationally is provided by attending trade shows to showcase goods and services, meet consumers face-to-face and build brand recognition. The possibilities are limitless.’

Purchasing waterfront land for residential development by Sandy and James Easdale

Purchased Waterfront land for residential development

A “sprawling waterfront site” was purchased in Cardross by businessmen Sandy and James Easdale. Their plans to expand the site bring their overall building projects to more than £ 400 million.

The site of the former St. Michael’s Primary School, less than a mile west of the town center of Dumbarton, was bought by the brothers through broker JLL for an undisclosed amount and will pave the way for a residential development of £ 30 million.

In its 36-year history, the Scottish butcher celebrates the most effective Christmas

The most prosperous Christmas in its 36-year history is being celebrated by a family-run butcher in Dalry, supported by a number of new clients during the closure period and increased support from local businesses.

When the closure was announced, R Stalker & Son was one of the few stores in the region to remain open and changed its business model to comfortably serve as many customers as possible.

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