The life savings of a terrified swindle victim have been recovered. The Crusader is a character from the Crusades.


The life savings of a terrified swindle victim have been recovered. The Crusader is a character from the Crusades.

One of the most heinous scams Crusader has encountered is the ruthless manipulation that scared a lone older woman into turning over her £35,000 funds following days of continuous indoctrination.

Maggie Martin now got her money back thanks to the help of amazing caring neighbors who raised the alert, Crusader, and her banks, instead of experiencing embarrassment and difficulty.

The conclusion is life-changing, but she still has nightmares about the trauma she went through while she was manipulated and bullied as the crooks guided her every move.

“Being conned has an impact on my memory,” Maggie, 78, adds. “Because of the pressure from the fraudsters and the realization that I was in danger, I couldn’t think straight, which made it difficult to explain when I reported it. It’s been a disaster for my self-esteem. My voice was heard when Crusader got involved.”

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The intricate deception began with a cold call from a phony Metropolitan Police officer to Maggie’s landline. He told her that one of her bank cards had been cloned and that the only way she could get her money back was to work with an undercover fraud team at her local police station.

Maggie obediently noted the criminal reference number she was given despite her distress. “The thieves knew about one of them, and I was so scared I might have told them about the other and my mobile number,” she says of her two bank accounts with NatWest and Santander.

Late last year, the swindlers put her under terrible strain for four days, forcing her to withdraw money from various branches and foreign exchanges, as well as acquire gold bars from a dealer in central London.

The thieves arranged for a cab to pick her up and escort her, and they stayed in constant communication with her. “I had to keep my phone on their call so they could issue orders and know what I said and did. Maggie recalls, “I was very stressed, but I had no choice but to keep going.”

Because of their unusual and high value, her payments were rejected at several stages and disputed by bank staff. Maggie, on the other hand, has been trained to make up stories like this. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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