The free Bright Sky app protects those who are victims of domestic violence.


The free Bright Sky app protects those who are victims of domestic violence.

Bright Sky, a free app that provides help and information to anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse, is concerned about stalking or harassment, or is concerned about someone they know, is becoming increasingly popular. At the outset of the pandemic, the Vodafone Foundation and crisis assistance organization Hestia’s app experienced a 47 percent weekly spike in downloads.

Bright Sky has a directory of domestic abuse resources, counseling about indications of risk and finding safety, and a secure tool so users may keep an evidence record that is not recorded on their phone, among other things. Visit here to download the app for iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play), or both.

In 2019, Vodafone Group announced the world’s first global domestic violence policy, which includes a variety of workplace support, security, and other measures for employees who are at risk of, or have experienced, domestic violence and abuse.

This was made possible by the Vodafone Foundation’s more than ten years of work on a portfolio of Apps Against Abuse.

++ Please contact consumer and small business champion Maisha Frost at [email protected] if you’ve been affected by this issue or believe you’ve been a victim of injustice.

The Foundation and Dr. Jane Pillinger, a workplace gender-based violence expert, have collaborated on a new research project to examine the impact of the COVID pandemic on this policy, and they’re sharing the findings with other businesses to learn from.


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