The FBI is warning consumers of a Cyber Monday scam in which hackers target shoppers with ‘One-Day Only’ store deals.


The FBI is warning consumers of a Cyber Monday scam in which hackers target shoppers with ‘One-Day Only’ store deals.

The FBI has cautioned that hackers are targeting buyers with “One-Day Only” store deals, making Cyber Monday frauds a threat to Americans.

In a press statement issued on November 18, the FBI Little Rock cautioned Arkansans to be wary of scammers throughout the holiday season.

Although the message is aimed at citizens of California, it applies to anyone in the United States who expects to shop online during the holiday season.

According to the FBI notice: “Criminals are increasingly active and ingenious in their attempts to steal money and personal information from shoppers looking for a good offer.

“Arkansans lost about (dollar)16,140,000 to a variety of criminal schemes in 2020, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

“This year, FBI Little Rock wants customers across the state to have a scam-free holiday season by being aware of the following schemes.”

Shoppers who want to make purchases via their laptops or mobile devices should be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers.

Scammers frequently target “Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargain hunters” by exploiting “One-Day Only” promotions from well-known firms, according to the FBI.

The agency also advises consumers to avoid websites that offer “unrealistic reductions on brand-name items.”

To determine whether the company you’re about to purchase from is reputable, the FBI recommends conducting research and reviewing customer reviews.

“Shop elsewhere if little to no information about a vendor exists,” the FBI advises in a press release.

People buying during the holidays should be aware of merchants and websites that only accept gift cards as payment.

“Scammers may entice buyers to make wire transfers, which allow criminals to collect unlawful payments rapidly,” the FTC cautions.

“Using a credit card adds layers of fraud protection and is often the safest option to do online shopping over the holidays.”

The FBI recommends that all financial accounts be secured with strong passwords for further security.

It’s also a good idea for customers to use different passwords for each financial account.

Bank and credit card statements should also be examined on a regular basis, and sensitive information such as Social Security numbers or dates of birth should never be given out to strangers.

Meanwhile, buyers are being urged to be on the lookout for possible scammers posing as legitimate emails in order to steal their personal information ahead of Black Friday.

Individuals who choose to shop online during the holiday season are reminded to take all necessary steps to avoid phishing schemes.

A cybercriminal(s) attempted to imitate Amazon, a popular shopping site, using a bogus email in a recent attempt to take advantage of holiday consumers, according to TechRepublic.

The hacker sent out emails that were written in code… Brinkwire Breaking News


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