The family is stunned to find that they can save up to £1100 each month – “It’s an eye opener.”


The family is stunned to find that they can save up to £1100 each month – “It’s an eye opener.”

On the latest edition of Channel 4’s How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours, ANNA RICHARDSON and her team of money saving specialists assisted the Copesticks, a family of seven, in lowering their monthly bills and saving money. During the lockdown, both Gemma and Lee were furloughed, putting the family in a financial bind. Thankfully, the staff was on hand to assist them in reversing their fortunes.

The family has never been able to save money because there is always something that requires them to spend money. “We move from one financial hurdle to the next, really,” Gemma explained.

“School uniforms, school dinners, football, extracurricular activities, birthdays, and Christmas,” she says.

With four children under the age of 15, keeping everyone engaged is a priority in our large household.

Every month, the Copesticks spend £100 on entertainment subscriptions. Netflix, Sky, Amazon Prime, Amazon Kids, Amazon Music, and Apple Music are all available.

When it comes to subscriptions, Ms Richardson recommends looking at bundles for large families.

“As a hint, check into family bundles because you should be able to save some money,” she advised.

“If you have a cash back account, you can get up to 5% back on your subscription cost if you use it to pay it.”

In addition, Gemma and Lee pay £253 per month on mobile phone contracts and £67 per month on broadband.

Because their broadband is slow, the Copesticks choose the best mobile phone offers with unlimited data.

Ms Richardson has encouraged the pair to cut back on their Wi-Fi usage and shop around for a better plan in order to save money.

“Top tip: don’t accept the first discount you’re offered,” she continued.

If you keep your cool, you might get a better offer.

“When you transfer mobile phone networks, many provide freebies such as movie tickets, concert tickets, and free streaming services for up to 24 months.”

Food shopping was always going to be a huge expense for them as a large family.

Chef Gary Usher provided advice to the family of seven on how to cut costs on their food bill.

“Find a new grocery, one with better value, and cut that bill in half,” he said.

Get in the kitchen and start cooking a little more for Georgia [their daughter]and Lee.”

“Non-branded essentials in discount stores might be 60 percent cheaper,” Ms Richardson remarked.

The Copesticks are a band from the United Kingdom. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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