The Crusader reports on a homeowner who is in the dark about solar panel supplies.


The Crusader reports on a homeowner who is in the dark about solar panel supplies.

After a critical component in his solar panel system broke, a homeowner is in desperate need of a ray of optimism, and promises of the £795 replacement he paid for are in jeopardy.

Brian Atkins is waiting to hear what’s up with his order for a new inverter, so watching the sun shine isn’t bringing him much joy right now.

In PV solar systems, this is the critical and expensive piece of equipment that changes the electricity current into one that can be used by the National Grid.

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Brian, like many other business owners, was unaware of it until his failed.

Inverters today are usually backed by a 10-year guarantee. Brian’s contract with Growatt, a big home provider, was for five years and extended for seven.

In 2014, he and his wife decided to install solar panels as a means to help the environment while also getting paid for any surplus that was fed back to the grid.

Tanrec Ltd’s First4Solar, a trading brand of Tanrec Ltd, installed their panels.

“This time, because our installation failed, we quickly turned to First4Solar. If the inverter had not rectified itself within a day, I was instructed to call. When it didn’t, I realized it needed to be replaced. I paid on July 15 and was informed that the order, delivery, and installation would all happen soon after. Brian claims, “I’ve called many times and received no response.”

On August 4, Crusader was informed that Brian had been kept “up to date and advised of the challenges (First4Solar) had been having with stock and employee absence due to the pingdemic” by First4Solar’s sales director Daniel Hawkins.

He said that Brian would “get his new inverter on Friday, August 6.”

That didn’t happen, and Brian was still in the dark at the end of last week. Meanwhile, his electricity is being supplied directly by his supplier, and no surplus payments are required.

Brian only wants a dependable response and a quick conclusion.

First4Solar is a member of HIES, a consumer protection organization that covers the installation of home energy equipment and has a Trading Standards approved code and a disputes-resolution ombudsman.

Crusader attempted to assist Brian while simultaneously gathering information. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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