The best places in the UK to retire, sorted by pension size and life expectancy


The best places in the UK to retire, sorted by pension size and life expectancy

THE BEST places to retire in the UK have been identified, with pension fund size and life expectancy being two significant variables in determining where a retiree should live.

Cambridge came out on top in the rankings, with places from all over the UK proving to be appealing retirement destinations. The rankings are based on a number of factors, including the size of the average pension fund, the cost of living, the average housing price, and life expectancy.

Local Financial Advice has published a new Retirement Index report to highlight the top places in the UK for retirement to help new and future retirees choose the finest location.

The following factors are included in the rankings: average pension fund size for residents, expected pension shortfall, cost of living, average house price, life expectancy, best hospital index score, and crime rates.

Cambridge is the greatest place in the UK for retirees to live, according to the rankings. Cambridge is noted for its attractive architecture, thanks to its academic institutions, and it is one of the UK’s most historic areas.

The city continually performed well in the study, coming in first place for life expectancy, with an average age of 82.57. Cambridge also had the lowest crime rate of any city in the country. According to the findings, Cambridge retirees can look forward to a quiet retirement.

Cambridge is clearly the finest place to retire, according to the rankings, with an overall index score of 82.33, more than 20 points higher than the second-placed area, which scored a 61.66. To put things in perspective, the second and tenth-placed regions were separated by roughly the same distance.

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is ranked second, with “a plethora of gorgeous architecture, world-class cultural festivals, and lovely countryside on your doorstep,” according to Local Financial Advice.

They claim that these characteristics make Edinburgh “the ideal retirement place for anyone seeking adventure.”

With an average pension fund of £139,465.21, the Scottish city came in first in the rankings for average pension fund size. Edinburgh has a low crime rate, ranking second lowest in the country.

Greater London is ranked third in the rankings, indicating that England’s capital might be an appealing retirement destination for retirees. In terms of population, Greater London is at the top of the list. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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