The best cheap beach vacation spots and how to save for your trip in 2022.


The best cheap beach vacation spots and how to save for your trip in 2022.

While a “beach vacation” may sound expensive, a short-term vacation in these four places can be extremely affordable and ideal for a Summer 2022 trip.

The Vacay Valuator from travel search engine Kayak demonstrated how consumers may save enough money to take a nice vacation.

Many people have given up on their plans to travel this year due to the frequent updating of travel corridors and the differences in COVID-19 regulations around the world.

This should, however, emphasize one’s ability to plan and budget for a break-away vacation trip next year.

It is possible to spend as low as £275 on a seven-day holiday in this lush natural setting.

Slightly north of Croatia’s tourist attractions, one may find moderately priced restaurants, activities, and a booming summer nightlife.

Walking to places for a few months can easily help one save for this nature-focused holiday, according to Kayak, cutting back on two months’ worth of Ubers will save an average of £137.

With the exchange rate in favor of the pound, staying in this area is extremely affordable, with a two-week break costing only £411.

This cultural destination guarantees hot weather and a laid-back Moroccan atmosphere, ideal for those who find city vacations too stressful and want to fully unwind.

Cutting back on takeout for six months can save the typical person £515, allowing them to put more money into their savings account after their Moroccan vacation.

The average cost of a week in Greece is £515, but in Kefalonia, it’s closer to £300, and the island is also famed for its happy hours.

Greece is one of the most popular vacation locations, although many people avoid it because of the expected high costs.

Even the tightest of holiday budgets will have some extra coin if they stay in regions that are “off the beaten path.”

People may easily save for this low-cost beach by eliminating hairdressers and groomers for six months, which costs £362 on average.

A holiday in Bodrum is the most cost-effective on this list, with an average weekly cost of only £176!

In Bodrum, there are several activities and breathtaking sights to enjoy, with something to suit every style of vacationer.

Furthermore, the notoriously low cost of Turkish beach vacations is accentuated in this charming town full with historic attractions.

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