The best and worst-paid careers in the UK are ranked – could you earn more money?


The best and worst-paid careers in the UK are ranked – could you earn more money?

Over the previous three years, pay packages have risen and fallen substantially across industries, but which occupations may pay you over £70,000 and which aren’t worth the money?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on salaries, but some industries and jobs have been hit more than others. As a result, many people are questioning if their compensation package is in line with their vocation. Staffology, a cloud payroll software provider, has highlighted the impact on the job market and who profited from it, based on data undertaken by employment website Glassdoor and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Staffology discovered that the most afflicted industry, with the fastest dropping salaries, was the hospitality sector’s housing and food services, which saw a 3.59 decline between 2019 and 2020.

Salaries rose from £260 to £251 per week, and the industry is still fighting to recover in the fourth quarter of 2021, despite a pound increase in weekly pay slips.

When the pandemic and associated lockdowns were at their climax in 2020, the ONS assessed the lowest-paying jobs.

Playworkers, who care for and support children and young people, are now the lowest paid workers in the UK, earning an average of £15,394 per year.

Cooks: Cooks earn an average of £16,964 as a critical part of the most highly hit industry during COVID-19.

Launderers, dry cleaners, and pressers: possibly as a result of the pandemic, the little amount of foot traffic to these firms has resulted in a pay cut to £17,145.

Educational support assistants: these professions, like playworkers, play a crucial role in a child’s development, but as learning became more remote, their effectiveness seemed to fade, and pay packets remained at £17,212.

Hairdressers and barbers: COVID-19 saw many businesses that were once a part of daily life fade away, and while many people became at-home hairdressers thanks to YouTube tutorials, this industry has been hard hit, with an average salary of £17,223, barely higher than that of educational support assistants.

Textiles, clothes, and online sales all saw increases in sales and salaries in October 2020, according to Staffology, with a 4.66 percent increase in weekly revenue and online purchases accounting for 28.5 percent of sales, up eight percent from February.

The highest-paying careers in the UK in 2021, according to Glassdoor, are:Enterprise architect: overseeing a company’s IT infrastructure and operations. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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