The 6 tips from an expert on how to avoid wasting money on Black Friday.


How to avoid wasting money on Black Friday – 6 expert tips

BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS aren’t always as good as they appear.

Here’s how to avoid blowing your Black Friday budget.

Black Friday is approaching, and many of us have been saving our pennies in anticipation of splurging on this day of bargains.

With so many sales and tempting deals on offer this Black Friday, it’s all too easy to get caught off guard and spend all of your hard-earned cash on deals that aren’t even generous. This website spoke with Nick Drewe, a money-saving expert at online discounts platform WeThrift, to find out how to avoid wasting money.

According to a Which? investigation in 2020, 85 percent of Black Friday product prices were not the lowest they’d ever been.

That’s why it’s crucial for customers to do their homework before signing up for a deal or spending money on something they could get for less elsewhere.

Spendthrifts are most at risk of paying a large sum of money for items they don’t need or want simply because it appears to be a good deal on Black Friday.

Fortunately, We-Thrift’s money-saving expert Nick Drewe has shared his top six money-saving tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and pretty much any deal in the run-up to Christmas.

You might be taking advantage of the Black Friday sales to save money on your Christmas shopping, or you might simply want to treat yourself to that coffee machine you’ve been eyeing all year.

“Knowing what you want from the sales and already having a list of things to buy will make it easier for you to not splurge your cash on things that you don’t need,” Nick said, whatever the reason.

“It’s also a good idea to set a reasonable budget for yourself.”

Don’t be naive; stores are competing for your business.

“When you think about it,” Nick explained, “there is no such thing as an “exclusive special offer” on Black Friday because stores compete.

“Make sure you’ve compared the price of your chosen product to those offered by other retailers before you check out.”

“There are websites like CamelCamelCamel that show you price drops and Amazon price history.

“Also look at customer reviews to see if others have had similar experiences.”

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