‘Thank goodness you double-checked.’ Barclays confirms that the persuasion text message is a hoax.


‘Thank goodness you double-checked.’ Barclays confirms that the persuasion text message is a hoax.

BARCLAYS BANK has issued a public alert regarding a persuasive text message that seems to be from the institution but is actually a fraud.

Thousands of people are being targeted and victimized across the country by realistic phishing schemes that compel people into giving over their personal financial information. While these scams are on the rise, institutions like Barclays are doing more to expose them by informing the public about how they look and the harm they may cause. On Twitter, a user named @markymj tagged the bank in a tweet inquiring about a text message they received warning them of limits on their Barclays account.

“@Barclays received this,” the Twitter user wrote alongside a screenshot of the letter. Is this a well-known ruse?”

“We have temporarily blocked access to your Barclays account owing to failed login attempts,” read the notice.

The notice went on to tell the user that they would have to “re-authenticate” if they wanted to access their account again. The user was encouraged to do so by a link tied to the content.

However, Barcalays reacted to the customer via Twitter, confirming that the convincing SMS message was a hoax and not sent by one of their workers or operators.

“Hey Mark, that is definitely not us, therefore it’s a good thing you double checked,” the bank declared in a public statement.

“Our number checker here can provide you some much-needed peace of mind if you’re ever unclear if a text or call is from us.”

Barclays also linked to their website, which features a phone number checker, in addition to responding to consumers online.

Customers at Barclays can enter a phone number that has supposedly contacted or texted them to advise them of account changes, and the checker will certify whether or not the interaction is from the bank.

“Scammers can make calls and text messages appear to be coming from one of our numbers,” Barclays warned on its website.

“Whether you get an unexpected call and aren’t sure it’s from us, hang up and call us from a different phone, or contact a friend to see if the scammers are still on the line.

“Rather of calling the phone back directly, utilize the number on the back of your Barclays.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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