Sufresca Steps Up Its Green Initiative to Reduce Waste and Plastic.


Sufresca Steps Up Its Green Initiative to Reduce Waste and Plastic.

Sufresca, Ltd., an agritech start-up, is reviving the global fight against food waste and plastic use.

The company improved its new invisible edible coating, which extends the shelf life of fresh produce and allows it to be used on a wider variety of fruits and vegetables.

Sufresca also shares its business model for its easy-to-use plug-in system that benefits both retailers and growers.

Sufresca created a water-based emulsion that is edible, biodegradable, and contains advanced modified atmosphere properties.

When applied to fresh fruit or vegetables, the solution forms a breathable coating; minute disruptions within the coating act as a partial barrier, allowing for optimal gas exchange.

This slows down the maturation and ripening processes after harvest, as well as the subsequent degradation and decay.

It also eliminates the issues that impermeable sealants can cause.

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This environmentally friendly solution can extend shelf life by several weeks while also reducing plastic waste and shipping time.

This significantly reduces both on-route and in-store waste of fresh produce.

“The cuticle structures that naturally layer plants to protect them from extreme environmental conditions and water loss inspired the chaotic structure of our coating,” says Sufresca CEO Efrat Boker-Ferri.

Sufresca’s business model is extremely feasible.

Sufresca created a high-feasibility business model that allows its solution to be easily integrated into existing systems.

This makes the coating solution appealing, scalable, and convenient for fresh produce producers, distributors, and exporters in the early stages of the supply chain, but it can also be used later on.

“Retailers and packaging companies are looking for cost-effective ways to reduce waste while also being environmentally friendly,” says Boker-Ferri.

“Our natural formula is simple to integrate into existing industry equipment, adaptable to various coating techniques, and completely safe to use,” says the company.

While we do provide a variety of support services and guidance, our system is very simple to set up, removing the need for Sufresca personnel to be on site and increasing the system’s affordability.”

There’s a new hope for reducing food waste and the use of plastic.

Food production today is enough to feed the entire world’s population twice over.

Despite this, hunger continues to be a global problem.

Food waste is a major contributor to this issue, as well as the issue of greenhouse gas emissions.

Due to spoilage, a staggering 40-60% of fruits and vegetables produced worldwide are lost or wasted before reaching consumers.

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