Students can acquire free gym passes if they know how to get the freebie of the day.


Students can acquire free gym passes if they know how to get the freebie of the day.

With today’s freebie of the day, SKINT students are urged to trade in their slippers for sneakers.

Students can try out a Gym Group facility for free starting today (September 1) before deciding whether it’s worth paying £109 for a nine-month subscription. They’ll be able to go to a gym near their house during the vacations and to university throughout the school year, and it’ll cost them only £12.10 per month when the freebie expires.

In addition to this offer, they are inviting prospective students to participate in a three-day challenge in which they can win one of five £100 Amazon vouchers following their third visit.

Chunkz, a YouTuber and comedian, has laced up his sneakers and shared his own fitness journey, with the goal of breaking down the barriers that make going to the gym seem embarrassing.

This comes after research revealed that 63 percent of Gen Z gym-goers (16 to 24 years old) have experienced “awks in the gym.”

Furthermore, a third of Britons (32%) pay for memberships that they never use because they are too embarrassed to go.

“Everyone has had awkward times at the gym,” Chunkz remarked.

“When you’re initially starting out, it might be a daunting environment.

“I’ve recently embarked on a major fitness journey of my own, and I’ve had a few awks moments, such as when I utilized the wrong cable machine height.

“I’m really excited to be able to partner with The Gym Group to assist younger people embrace their inner awks and get in shape, because we’re all in the same boat.”

The Gym Group is running specials throughout September to help young people get started on their fitness journey and overcome their fears.

Students can benefit from the following incentives:

Student deal: Pay £109-£179 for nine months and get access to two gyms (one at home and one at school/college/university).

Free Day Pass: To allow new students to try it out and get used to it before committing (available for the first two weeks of September)

Three-visit challenge: Make it through the awkward three-visit threshold and you’ll be entered to win one of five £100 Amazon vouchers.

‘Embrace The Awks’ is a song by the band Embrace The Awks. Class: A chance to form groups and break down boundaries via laughter.

Despite the fact that many people claim that going to the gym fills them up. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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